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Ten things you should know before dating a Greek person


So as it happens, Dave and I have now been “dating” (what a stupid word) for almost a year and a half now, and living together for over a year. Wow! Unbelievable.

And – Dave is from the UK. I used to live in London – which is geographically located in the UK, but it’s not really England. That was ten years ago too. I thought I knew some stuff about the English – you know, the stereotypes. Perhaps I was right to a certain extent, but there is always more than the stereotypes.

I realised that there are several cultural differences. There are things Greeks take for granted when hanging out (or dating) a Greek. Those things do not necessarily define “Greekness” – what is Greekness, anyway? But for someone considering dating a Greek person, it’s helpful to have a look…


1. Greek people will need to speak to their family several times a week – if not a day. They will also need to meet their family “quite often”.

2. Greek people’s mothers will remind them to take their jacket. No matter how old they are.


3. Greek people will need to eat food, REAL food (= a dish containing tomato sauce and olive oil) several times a week. Most Greek people will also have to eat loads of meat (I am not one of them).

4. Greek people like ice-cold coffee.


5. Greek people will insist that Greek cleaning standards are higher than everyone else’s – although this is only in their own homes and not outdoors. It particularly applies for dishwashing.

6. Greek people like having friends over for a coffee or meal. The more, the merrier.


7. When Greek people travel, they will compare EVERYTHING they see or do, with what they see or do back home. The sun will always be less bright, the sea less clear and the food less tasty. (I am definitely guilty of all three).

8. Greek people will invariably moan and complain about everything going on in Greece – but they firmly believe that it’s the best country in the world.


9. Greek people do not like planning everything. Some Greek people like planning, but they still don’t want to plan EVERYthing. Many Greek people plan their summer vacation at the last minute.

10. Greek people will generally be a little late for their appointments. Ten of fifteen minutes is acceptable. If you are Norwegian, you’ll definitely need to work hard on this 🙂


This post might seem funny at first, but as they say, there is truth in every joke. Share if you agree!