Monthly Archives: October 2011

One year off work :)


Summer 2011 was so crazy… Road trips, hosting, swimming, tanning, meeting new people and old friends… Making music, meeting musicians and artists, feeling more and more certain that “I have to change something in my life”…

And, finally, one summer day, I took the decision… In the middle of the crisis in Greece, and ignoring everyone who told me that I was crazy, I asked for a year off work.

I got it.

I can’t remember the last time I was so happy… (well – I can, but that’s another discussion!)

The very next day I bought a return ticket to Rio De Janeiro. 

I’m leaving on 10th December, and have booked a random day to come back to Greece – 15th August 2012. If there is a Greece then, there should be no strikes on that day, it’s August and noone goes on strike then. Plus, I’ll get three summers in one year…!!!