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The first days of 2013…


So today I’ve been in Greece for a month, after the crazy last minute trip to the Middle East (I will write about this later).

I haven’t really done too much in this month… I am now back to work, same office as before, but a totally different role which is actually interesting! Who would have thought I could have an interesting job in the public sector…

Apart from that, I had a nasty flu which came with a very bad cough and made me very weak – so all I could do was go to the office, go home, cook something, watch a movie. I went out once, and returned home around 11pm because I was tired 😛

Last week I went to a couple of yoga classes – and realised that I remember a lot of things, but I am a bit rusty. Or more than a bit. My goal is to be back on track in June… or even later, I’m not in a hurry, but June is a good month as it’s far enough and yet not TOO far and it’s time for the beach yee-haw 🙂

So these days I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the last year… A year off work, without routine, away from most things familiar. A year spending time at (mostly) new places, meeting (mostly) new people, eating (mostly) different foods – and what do you know, when you are on the road you can’t put on any weight although you are eating twice as much as usual… a mystery. A year when what mattered most was where to sleep at night, what to eat, where to go next. I’m thinking about it every day as I walk to the office – a 20 minute walk with no distractions and no surprises, apart from a metro strike (which, incidentally, is not really a surprise)…

I thought this article written by my good friend Tristan describes a bit how I feel… “For us, the real goal is to be exposed to new things and new ideas, so that we can learn more about our world and about ourselves”. I am sure I have found out some things about myself that I didn’t know before… it’s been a really interesting year, and I believe I will do it again at some point.

That said, it’s time to go on with the blog!

The last place I wrote about was a place I was almost a year ago… Recife / Olinda It was a time when I decided to escape the rain in North Brazil and go back to Rio, to experience the rest of the carnival and to meet my friends Tiina and Andreas who had been travelling for a few months already. I had a couch with Eddie, and I had a ticket to go to the sambodrome…

Stay tuned 🙂


How to survive in a foreign country


Happy New Year everybody! I hope the new year brings you health, love, and whatever else you want.

I spent Christmas days with my family and brother and nephews. It’s crazy how quickly they grow, and it’s even more crazy what discussions you can get yourself into. The last one that impressed me was my oldest nephew (just over 8 years old) asking me what is a camera with “film”. How the hell do you describe film to someone who has only used digital cameras. I was lucky he’s seen tapes… Makes you realise how quickly technology changes.

Yesterday I had a party. Not too big, not too small, not too many drunk people, plenty of drinks left. I woke up with almost no voice – I’ve had a bad flu for the past few days. Hopefully it will go away soon and I can start my yoga classes.

And the link of the day… A good friend posted this on his FB profile. It is more relevant for those who are living in a foreign country, but it’s good for those who travel longterm as well.

…I could live without good avocados, but whether it’s possible to survive without feta cheese, is another matter 😛