Athens never fails to surprise me


So, today I went to a few places here in Athens that I’ve wanted to go for a while now.

I arrived at 10.30 to catch a guided tour in the Greek Agora… I was really surprised to see more than 100 people queuing for the exact same thing! (Perhaps some Greeks DO go to ancient places after all?) I spent some time there, but decided that the crowd was too big, and made my way out.

Then I went to the Roman Agora – right now they have a “philosophical walk” (can’t really describe it in a better way, you have to go and check it out), which made me think about a few things… Lasts till the end of October.

I spent some time in the Folk Instrument museum – great place if you are interested in Greek music, and it’s free. You’d be surprised at the ways bells are used in our tradition…

I went to the Museum of Greek Folk Art, in Plaka, where, among others, you can see traditional Greek costumes and bridal dresses. Comparing those to today’s white dresses I couldn’t help wondering what a wedding would have been like 200 years ago.

A huge surprise was the Museum of Children’s Art. As the name suggests, it contains paintings, drawings and other work by children aged 7-13. Don’t be so quick in thinking that it won’t be interesting… Who knows, the next Picassos or Miros might have a painting here! They organize workshops for children, and at the moment October is fully booked.

Finally, I passed by the Children’s Museum. As it was FULL of parents and little ones there was not much space there, but from what I saw there was a cooking class and a “get to know your body” class (no, they were not playing doctor).

Athens is a city that never fails to surprise me, even though I’ve been living here for years!


About Vanidio

I was born in Athens, Greece, and left at the not-so-tender age of 27 to go to London for a master's degree - or, rather, to go experience the city. I worked there for a while, and after four years I decided to move back to Athens, and got a really boring job with a decent (more than decent) salary. In December 2011 I took a year off work, and travelled to Latin America, Europe, Greece and the Middle East. When I came back, I spent quite a bit of time trying to fit in and organise my "normal" life - or decide that I don't really want a "normal" life. At that time, travelling was more important to me than almost anything else... And then things changed a bit, as I got an offer from a foreign company to organise tours for foreigners in Athens. Dream coming true? Yes! We've done a few tours so far, and hopefully more are coming... let's see! And then things changed even more, as I met a nice, handsome foreigner through one of these tours. And we are now living together, and planning our next trips together :) Life is strange, isn't it!

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