Carnival Part 1: Recife, waiting for the carnival


On my first evening in Recife, Jose took me downtown to see the pre-carnival events.

I more or less knew what to expect – people who know a few things about Greece should know that we also celebrate the carnival in a city called Patra, on the southwest of Greece. That carnival is quite big, attracting loads of visitors for a few days. I had been there twice, and I thought that I had an idea of what to expect.

More or less I was right… Thousands of people were on the street, talking, singing and dancing, wearing costumes, colourful clothes, or just funny wigs. The main difference was that people drank beers and caipirinhas instead of mavrodafni, and that people came in all shapes and colours, Brazil being such a multicultural country.


However, there was something more there. People were somehow “crazier”. There is something I can’t really explain, one has to go there to see. They seemed to “dance like noone is watching”. Perhaps it’s just my idea, because I felt like I didn’t really fit in – or perhaps I just wasn’t in a carnival mood.

The truth is… at that stage of the trip I was already quite tired. After two months (and a bit) of travelling, I was tired of having to decide “what to do next”. At the same time, the rain that seemed to follow me from the beginning of the trip for about 70% of the time had just reappeared… and that really spoilt my mood.

Whoever hasn’t seen tropical rain wouldn’t be able to understand my frustration. During that time, I had quite a few arguments with close friends that told me “stop complaining about the weather, you are on vacation”… but quite honestly, bad weather CAN spoil your vacation – and your mood…

Eitherway, there I was in Recife, looking at dressed up colourful people and feeling quite out of place. But I did smile for the picture with Socrates 🙂




About Vanidio

I was born in Athens, Greece, and left at the not-so-tender age of 27 to go to London for a master's degree - or, rather, to go experience the city. I worked there for a while, and after four years I decided to move back to Athens, and got a really boring job with a decent (more than decent) salary. In December 2011 I took a year off work, and travelled to Latin America, Europe, Greece and the Middle East. When I came back, I spent quite a bit of time trying to fit in and organise my "normal" life - or decide that I don't really want a "normal" life. At that time, travelling was more important to me than almost anything else... And then things changed a bit, as I got an offer from a foreign company to organise tours for foreigners in Athens. Dream coming true? Yes! We've done a few tours so far, and hopefully more are coming... let's see! And then things changed even more, as I met a nice, handsome foreigner through one of these tours. And we are now living together, and planning our next trips together :) Life is strange, isn't it!

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