Arriving to Fernando de Noronha


I wrote what you are about to read back in May, in a hostel in Havana… Internet there is extremely slow and expensive, so I had to wait till I get a decent internet connection (and enough time at home) to put it up in the blog 🙂


After a nice home-made Cuba Libre (Havana rum with TropiCola or TuCola) it’s finally time to write about Fernando de Noronha island in Brazil, where I was two months ago.

It had taken me some time to decide whether I should go to Fernando de Noronha, a very expensive destination. For every day spent on the island, tourists have to pay a tax of 20 euros. That is on top of the accommodation, which is the most expensive accommodation ever, starting from 50 euros a night for a single room in a pousada (no hostels around the island). Ouch… But with Marcelo’s help I was finally on the plane there, looking very much forward to landing on the place with “the best beaches in Brazil”!

The view of the island from the plane was simply spectacular. I simply couldn’t wait to go swimming!


After being picked up from the airport, and getting to my pousada, I was ready to go to the beach.  I walked around the main village of the island, and went to two of the nearby beaches. I was slightly disappointed, as there were too many waves, but decided to lie down on the beautiful sandy beach anyway, and wait for the waves to hopefully get smaller. I soon fell asleep, listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

Next thing I knew, I was being swept away by the exact same waves, though I had carefully decided to lie down 6-7 metres far from the coast.


Verdict: never underestimate the tide on a Brazilian beach!!!

I packed up my (very wet) stuff and went back to the pousada, where I arranged a guided tour for the next day.


About Vanidio

I was born in Athens, Greece, and left at the not-so-tender age of 27 to go to London for a master's degree - or, rather, to go experience the city. I worked there for a while, and after four years I decided to move back to Athens, and got a really boring job with a decent (more than decent) salary. In December 2011 I took a year off work, and travelled to Latin America, Europe, Greece and the Middle East. When I came back, I spent quite a bit of time trying to fit in and organise my "normal" life - or decide that I don't really want a "normal" life. At that time, travelling was more important to me than almost anything else... And then things changed a bit, as I got an offer from a foreign company to organise tours for foreigners in Athens. Dream coming true? Yes! We've done a few tours so far, and hopefully more are coming... let's see! And then things changed even more, as I met a nice, handsome foreigner through one of these tours. And we are now living together, and planning our next trips together :) Life is strange, isn't it!

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