Sunny Rio…


Ehm… Not so sunny. My host and I spent the whole day walking under the rain. It somehow feels like living in Manchester. Only differences: it’s quite warm and people drink “um schopp” rather than “a pint of lager”.

Even with this weather, the bus air-con is full on, i.e. freezing. I’m very glad I brought my fleece jacket. Has anyone told Brazilians about global warming???

After trying mate (strange drink with near-coffee flavor, pronounced “much”) I tried guarana (a bubble-gum drink). I didn’t like it. The cheeseballs that came with it were yummy – although greek cheese-pie beats them by far. Have I started missing feta cheese already???

In the evening we went to a very strange house (I think I’ll be going there to cook this Saturday…) and then to the weekly CS Rio meeting. Too many people there drinking beers and eating funny pizzas in a cone and talking in several languages.

Later we went to a bar, where I realised why brasilians think europeans are “cold”. People here look – and if you look back, they stare. Flirting is everywhere in the air. I also met someone who organises favela tours… I guess I’ll go there pretty soon!

All of that with the necessary havaianas (pretty much the only thing that is cheap over here) and tight, tight t-shirts and super mini dresses. And… mannequin dolls have bigger butts over here!!!!

Oh yes, it’s a different world πŸ™‚


About Vanidio

I was born in Athens, Greece, and left at the not-so-tender age of 27 to go to London for a master's degree - or, rather, to go experience the city. I worked there for a while, and after four years I decided to move back to Athens, and got a really boring job with a decent (more than decent) salary. In December 2011 I took a year off work, and travelled to Latin America, Europe, Greece and the Middle East. When I came back, I spent quite a bit of time trying to fit in and organise my "normal" life - or decide that I don't really want a "normal" life. At that time, travelling was more important to me than almost anything else... And then things changed a bit, as I got an offer from a foreign company to organise tours for foreigners in Athens. Dream coming true? Yes! We've done a few tours so far, and hopefully more are coming... let's see! And then things changed even more, as I met a nice, handsome foreigner through one of these tours. And we are now living together, and planning our next trips together :) Life is strange, isn't it!

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  1. have fun and take care Vanessaki! :*

    rainy-sunny weather here…its like crazy-spring…far from “cristmas’ weather” πŸ˜›

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